Michael Buhler

Michael Buhler

Michael Buhler was in London in 1940 and died in London in 2009. He was the son of the Swiss painter and Royal Academician Robert Buhler and his first wife Eve. Michael studied at the Royal College of Art (1960-1963). After graduating, Michael taught in several art schools, including City and Guilds and exhibited his work in both solo and group exhibitions. Michael’s work is held in public collections in the UK including the Arts Council of Great Britain, the British Museum, the Royal Academy, the Royal College of Art, the University of Liverpool and the University of London. There are also examples of his work in collections abroad including Galeria Boitatá, Porto Alegre, Brazil and Museo do Estado da Bahia, Brazil.

Writing about his work in the early 2000s Michael described how:

‘For many years now I have produced two distinct bodies of work. The first consists of paintings concerned with aspects of contemporary life; at present the city at night as if seen reflected in shop windows; neon lights and patterns of spot lights superimposed across the figures of young people observed interacting in the street as if by CCTV. Following on from Seurat and the futurists I am fascinated by the transformation of the nocturnal world by the artificial lights that now envelope us.
The second body of work consists of white painted constructions in boxes. These contrast our mundane reality with other possible realities normally beyond our awareness but occasionally intruding uninvited into our familiar environment and disturbing our equilibrium. They have been inspired by my longstanding interest in UFOs and the paranormal.’


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