Juliette Goddard MA (RCA)

Juliette Goddard MA (RCA)

I studied at Middlesex University graduating with a BA(hon’s) degree in Fine Art. I then continued to complete a Masters degree in Fine Art – printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London, sponsored by the late Henry Moore in 1984. Where I was selected to study a term at L’ecole des art decorative in Paris, much inspired by the French Tradition. During my time at the Royal College of Art under the guidance and influence of Professor Alistair Grant my time in Paris as a student and to be an apprentice with the famous print technique’s master’s studying etching ,lithography and printmaking. In Paris I was very privileged to work with the print technicians’ of Picasso Chagall, Rouault and Henry Moore, creating opportunities for study and experience abroad.

Since leaving the Royal College of Art I have travelled widely exhibiting internationally and in the United Kingdom. I have exhibited in Switzerland and at the Swiss Embassy in London before in Basel and Geneva, and completed a number of private commissions for Swiss Clients in the past. The work for this exhibition “Memories” at the Chateau des painters Geneva was inspired by historical links with the origins of my surname “Goddard”, I have drawn inspiration from the Goat- herders upon the Gotthard magical mountain paths. The imagery explored by famous Artists such as J.W Turner and in the middle ages the fame of St Goddard and the bishop of Hildesheim whom founded the hospice on the pass from Switzerland to Italy.

The current paintings and drawings were made for an exhibition in Geneva inspired by Swiss moment Art brut and Swiss folk lore tales. The work came from the historical links with the origins of my surname Goddard drawn from the ancient Goat herders . I have drawn metaphorical imagery from these Magical mountain pass journeys once also inspired by the late JW Turner in the middle ages The fame of St Goddard whom founded the hospice on the pass and inspired by Swiss folk lore a trail from the magical mountain Pass St Gotthard and tales of Prince Bishop of Heldensheim whom is represented by half man half bird in a fantastically majestic landscape with the Goat herders leading the field.Artists like Adolf Wolfli have been great visionaries in the way the inner mind finds its consciousness left to express the inner depths of the imagination . I have exhibited the art work at the Swiss Embassy and in Basel and Geneva and am a member of a group called Swiss artists uk, which exhibits internationally and in the United Kingdom.



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