About Swiss Artists UK

SWISS ARTISTS UK was founded approximately 12 years ago with the purpose of maintaining and strengthening a community of Swiss artists living in the UK.

We are immigrants, or descendants of immigrants, some having a strong connection with Switzerland by marriage or maybe by having worked there. Some have a second home in the country but all of us know and love it with its rich history, culture and magnificent landscape.

To date the group has held exhibitions in Bath, London, Somerset and Geneva. 
The body of work is extremely varied, both in representational or abstract form.  Artists work with many techniques apart from painting and drawing including glass pictures, mosaics, linoprint, wood print and sculpture.

At present we have twelve members plus three associates who, although not Swiss, have strong connections with the country.

We are honoured to retain Michael Buhler and Brian Davies, both founder members, on the membership list posthumously, as many of their paintings are still available through their partners to exhibit and sell.

The aims of SWISS ARTISTS UK are:
to hold and manage exhibitions in UK and abroad
to promote our work through various media where there is a Swiss connection
to enjoy a social network of artists who have a Swiss connection
to find and nurture funding partners to help the funding of exhibitions

President : Mrs Annelise Vogel Trelawny
Honorary Secretary: Dr Roberta Stevenson
Honorary Treasurer: Mr William Salusbury-Trelawny